Board Participation

Do you participate on any boards, that I belong to (ECCIE, TNABoard, TER), where you have reviewed at least two reputable and verifiable ladies?

Email me. Provide your handle and link and send me a PM confirming that the handle actually belongs to you!


Do you have two well reviewed, verifiable ladies that you have seen and that are willing to vouch for you in regards to being safe and enjoyable to spend time with? 

Email me. Provide me with each providers' link and contact information. Provide me with the information each lady would recognize you by. Confirm that you have asked the lady if you may use her as a reference. 

P411 Membership

Do you have a registered P411 membership with at least one okay?

Send me an appointment request form through the P411 system to make initial contact and then feel free to text or email, whichever is more convenient for you. 

Newbie Information

I am not particularly newbie friendly but exceptions always exist.  To request a rare exception without references please email me sharing as much about yourself as you can for us to converse and for me to consider your request.