Payment Options


Always the number one preferred form of payment!  I reserve the right to require cash payment with or without reason or explanation at my sole discretion at any time.

Your cash gift for me should be out in the open upon my arrival easy for me to see and collect at my convenience.  If you are coming to me then please set it openly near my belongings upon your arrival.

I should never have to ask for payment and it should always be taken care of at the beginning of our time together.

Bitcoin / Litecoin

Quickly becoming my second favorite form of payment!  

I am now currently accepting bitcoin and litecoin payments.

For the time being please email me for a send to address if this is the form of payment you wish to use.  In the near future I will put an automated button on the site to make the process easier, as well.

Gift Cards


I love gift cards and often receive them as an additional or extra gift but if someone had an instance where it was easier to obtain gift cards than cash I'd gladly accept them as a form of payment, when possible. 

I reserve the right to require cash payment without explanation and at my sole discretion however try to accommodate anytime possible.

Gift Cards I accept: Visa Gift Cards, Amazon (like cash to me), Victoria's Secret, Spas & Salons, Department Stores, Wawa, Gas Cards, or Restaurants. 

I am always open to new ideas so be sure to send me yours! 


This option entails a certain amount of trust and is reserved for established and trusted regulars depending on what is being bartered. 

Being able to barter is a wonderful thing.  I provide a service you are looking for and you may very well provide a service I am looking for too!

The services offered should be comparable in value to the amount of my time being requested and should be easily verifiable as such.

Some things you might help me with: 

  • Home Owners - I am currently seeking a rental (2+ br) in Burlington County
  • Automotive-Mechanic work (oil change, brakes, general repairs)
  • Automotive-Body work (rust repair, trim work, etc)
  • Electronic devices

Let me know what you have to offer and we can discuss it!!

Pay or Donate now with PayPal

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


 Gratuity above and beyond my regular rate is never necessary but always appreciated when offered.  The only element of visit that is contracted for is my time - the actual time that I spend with you.  My rates are all inclusive regardless of what we decide to do with and for our time together.  The amount of money involved will not change activities nor vice versa.

I do spend a lot of time 'working' outside of just our time together with emails, adverts, website, driving, and the like so when someone does decide to tip me or bring me a nice gift it is extremely appreciated. 

Gifts are also never necessary but always enjoyed and appreciated when offered.  I enjoy a  variety of things so you can use your imagination.  My fun facts page can help you with some ideas if you like but it can be a simple single rose, chocolates, a restaurant gift card, a nice bottle of wine, a stuffed animal, jewelry or anything you like.    

I am super easy to please and appreciate the gesture so much when offered.  It is no problem for me to bring home gifts and to fully enjoy them. 

My Wishlist


Do you enjoy spoiling?  I love being spoiled! 

Here is a gift you get a return on!  My About Me page offers numerous fun facts and favorites to give you lots of ideas for fun gifts that you can give me in person if you like but as a fun and different option I have a wishlist on Delivery Code too!

Delivery Code allows you to send me things on my wishlist without you having access to my delivery address.  Once I receive the gift you have sent I will then make a short video of me modeling/using the gift and send it to you privately as a thank you to show my appreciation!  A very personal and sexy private show just for you!

Check out my wishlist and let your imagination wander!